6 April 2016

California Cool Meets Classic English Decorating

Tucked Under

We’ve long been fans of London-based interior designer Rita Konig. She’s one of those rare talents who can mix old and new so effortlessly a home ends up looking irrefutably timeless. The March issue of  Elle Decor featured a California home that she had recently decorated, and it made us swoon. The rooms feel so relaxed, comfortable, and unpretentious. Below, the living room using one of our favorite Raoul textiles on the George Sherlock sofa. The quasi-random portrait wall above the fireplace is adorable (photos by Eric Piacsecki for Elle Decor). gallery-1457471042-edc040116konig02The wallpaper in the kitchen is by Pierre Frey and the table and chairs are by Howe. We love the high gloss lacquer paint on a traditional chair form.gallery-1457472057-edc040116konig06Not sure whether these wood plank walls and ceiling were original to the house or not, but we love this look. It can be reproduced quite easily using new materials. The subtle paint selections of the crisp white walls paired with gray trim around the window frames is a lovely touch, isn’t it?gallery-1457471159-edc040116konig10To change things up, Konig applied high gloss dark paint the ceiling and walls. This works so well particularly in a room that gets so much natural light. We love painted floors, and the patterned floor here adds a nice dose of playfulness to the interiors. The rattan chair is upholstered in an amazing Josef Frank textile.gallery-1457471677-edc040116konig07The bedroom walls have been upholstered, in this Raoul textile, not wallpapered. Upholstered walls have a way of enveloping the room in comfort.
gallery-1457470258-edc040116konig09Another painted floor! Why not? Artwork in the bathroom? Yes, please.
gallery-1457471888-edc040116konig11If you liked these photos too, please comment. We’re busy scheming our next painted floor concept!

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You guys have the best design blog out there! The content is great and very informative - please keep it up! :)
I absolutely loved this feature! I can't figure out what makes Konig's interiors feel "quirky" as opposed to "precious and unapproachable"...but whatever it is, I LOVE IT! Timeless, but fun! I wonder about the source for these nice-looking natural shades! They are so much prettier than those available mass-market!
    I loved this feature as well and was also curious about the shades. Any recommendations on where to source similar blinds in the US? Thanks!!
I'm such a fan of Rita Konig's design work! So glad you posted this, I hadn't seen it. It's so lively, but cozy, and English-feeling...love it, of course.
Interested in this observation, "quasi-random portrait wall above the fireplace," since none of those appear to be portraits, never mind "quasi-random"--?!
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