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Old World Glamour on Park Avenue

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With every space we design, a narrative emerges as we delve into what makes our clients tick. In decorating this Park Avenue apartment for a family with three young children, some of the first conversations we had were about the homes our clients had grown up in, and in turn, how they wanted their own home to feel. Glamorous was a word that came up again and again. Quickly, a story started to develop in our minds, one inspired by classic New York apartments where glamour was king and antiques were meant to be lived with and passed down from one generation to the next.

SOFAdesigned in the style of Jansen covered in luxurious brown velvetRUGfrom Uzbekistan in faded shades of blues and taupe grounds the room, a late 18th Century FrenchCHAIRwith its original patina adds warmth and interest to this intimate seating arrangement.

— 19 January 2019
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