18 June 2013

Watercolors by Kim McCarty

I recently discovered the work of Los Angeles-based artist Kim McCarty and it’s safe to say I’ve re-assigned my Celine bag piggy bank money to a McCarty watercolor. McCarty paints blurry, ethereal, hauntingly beautiful figures in a palette that is subdued but still colorful. Her work has been getting a lot of recognition recently in the art world, and rightfully so.  We’d love to put one of McCarty’s pieces in a client’s home. Below, her studio lined with some of her watercolors.mccarty_studioA few pieces framed at an installation. kim-first-imageIt’s funny how once you find something you love, you start seeing it all over the place. I was flipping through the June issue of Vogue and low and behold, there’s a Kim McCarty piece hanging in jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth’s California house! kmvogue2
This watercolor, below, is one of my favorites. I love how McCarty uses color and brush strokes to evoke a heartbreaking loneliness in her portraits. km3
km4A McCarty leaning against the wall (below, left) of Kyle de Woody’s apartment shot for Vogue.com. kmvogue
Anyone else a fan of McCarty? Will keep you updated on my quest to acquire one of these beauties!

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Love the watercolors!
Yes, love her. The pieces have a beautiful moody quality to them but feel fun and lighthearted at the same time.
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