11 November 2013

Tissus Tartares for John Derian

I popped into John Derian’s East Village store yesterday to look at a few of his upholstered pieces. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Derian recently started using fabrics by one of our favorite textile companies, Tissus Tartares.  Started by two friends, Olya Thompson and Nathalie Farman-Farma, Tissus Tartares has managed to create beautifully printed fabrics that truly look vintage. Thompson, born in Moscow, lived there until she was 14, and Farman-Farma, grew up just outside of Paris. The two friends bonded as neighbors years ago in Greenwich Village and shared a passion and a personal interest for all things Russian. When they began decorating their homes together around their collections, the pair couldn’t find printed fabrics to complement their refined 19th century sensibilities. Enter Tissus Tartares! Below, a pair of Derian’s chairs upholstered in one of their bold florals.jd1Another vintage-looking fabric on Derian’s Dromedary love seat…jd2Below, their ikat on a sofa in Thompson’s home. tt1More of Thompson’s home shot by Vogue. tt2How fabulous is the ikat on the chaise, below?tt3

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