3 September 2015

Nantucket seascapes by Daniel Sutherland

Hello readers! Apologies for the sporadic posting lately. This summer’s been a bit crazy with lots going on but we were able to take some time off to what my mom and I like to call, our “happy place”: Nantucket. We try as best we can to return every August to spend some time with family and friends and recharge before the fall. This year we documented part of our vacation on all-American clothier J McLaughlin’s instagram account (click here to see our takeover!). While on Nantucket, we love to go into the local galleries in town to see what some of the island’s many talented artists are making. We’ve always been a fan of Nantucket-based photographer, Daniel Sutherland, and thought we would share a few of his beautiful images below. We may be back in NYC, but we’re still dreaming of the beach! Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of his pieces in your home to look at in the dead of winter when you’re just dying for a slice of summer?
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Third-Point---Coatue-A10775_640Be sure to check out the My Domaine story on my apartment if you have the chance–it was a fun place to be featured!

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I am usually not a fan of landscapes but these are stunning! www.decoraid.com
I agree, I hope to hear more about your new apartment. The photos on My Domaine are gorgeous!
Beautiful photography, thanks for sharing! Also hoping you will do a blog post about your recently featured apartment. It's absolutely lovely and I'm dying to know more about the design and thought process involved in your fabric selection. I mean, the leopard seat cushions? Perfect!!!
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