31 October 2017

Five Fabulous Finds

A few of our favorite found treasures.

Our goal when designing beautiful rooms is to establish a feeling of timelessness by curating a combination of comfortable upholstered furniture forms paired with antique and vintage furniture and accessories. Behind the scenes, there’s a lot of legwork involved. Every week, we look for special pieces at antique stores wherever we are, searching out treasures from well known dealers to private estate sales. This part of the business is the most time consuming part, but it’s also the part we enjoy the most. We love finding clunkers and bringing them back to life either with a new purpose, or just in an unexpected place in the home of a newly appreciative owner.

No. 1
Ironstone Pottery

This is a rare find indeed, and must have been the collection of a passionate, serious collector, ready to unload. We couldn’t have swept it off the shelves quickly enough! The plan is to display it on a bookcase in a dining room where such a crisp white collection will make a statement. All of these pieces can be used every day.

No. 2
American "Pinwheel" Table

This early American “pinwheel” table, hand crafted using many different varieties of wood, appeals to us because of the care that was taken to create it. It’s a rare find, with great presence. We also love the way the four legs are interconnected. Finding early American furniture pieces is challenging so it’s always exciting when you find one.

No. 3
Colorful Vintage Carpet from Spain

We found this amazing, colorful vintage carpet from Spain while searching for something completely different, which is so often the case. This color combination is exquisite; this rug would make a wonderful front hall or upstairs landing runner in a narrow house.

No. 4
Giltwood Intertwined Convex

This pair of hand carved, giltwood intertwined convex mirrors with black molded interior trim would have been overlooked by us in previous years as too elaborate, but today we’re feeling their beauty, and would love to find a room to hang them where they’d be admired.

No. 5
Josef Albers' Homage to the Square series

We spent hours exploring the walls of one large antique center to find this collection of color studies on paper from Josef Albers’ Homage to the Square series. This series, which began as early as 1949, has become more and more sought after for its simplicity and its intellectual roots. Albers had been a head of the department of design at Yale University, and prior to that, a teacher at Black Mountain College, in North Carolina. Even collecting just one from this collection, and reframing it in a more up to date fashion, would be a great investment.

More fabulous finds soon!

— Lauren & Suzanne
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That table is a piece of art! I love it when you discover such a beautiful piece unexpectedly. Awesome collection of picks!
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