5 June 2015

Currently Obsessed with Basket weave

Lately we’ve become obsessed with all things basket weave. Basket weave tile, basket weave wallpaper, basket weave print fabrics–the list goes on! And so on the topic of basket weave, here are some of the iterations that have been filling up our Pinterest boards and keeping us inspired. We love using basket weave tile on the floors of bathrooms. Basketweave_main
Two inspiring bathrooms using basket weave on the floors. Left: AD – Botticelli & Pohl Architects; Right: AD May 2015.
We have a few “go to” companies that we like to buy basket weave from. Left to Right: Waterworks – Signet collection, Waterworks – Keystone collection, Ann Sacks – Grand Strip Basketweave Tile in Thassos/Blue Celeste.
Look at this eclectic bathroom designed by Bunny Williams. As you can see, basket weave in bathrooms is classic and very transitional.
Below, a room designed by Phillip Gorrivan with a crosshatch/basket weave wallpaper covering the walls. wallpaper on walls –  we love this paper by Phillip Jeffries – Japanese Paper Weave.
Basketweave_4A new discovery–this wallpaper by Hermes. We’re dying to use this in a powder room! (Hermes – Gribouill’h Wallpaper)
And if you’re looking to add a little bit of basket weave to your home with minimal commitment, how about these super fresh pillows from Serena & Lilly? (Painted Basketweave Pillow Covers)

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