4 April 2014

Jackie Saccoccio

One of our favorite artists of late is American painter Jackie Saccoccio. Her first solo exhibit is going on now in Genova, Italy and will move to NYC gallery Eleven Rivington in a few weeks. Below, a fabulous installation of her vibrant abstract paintings at the Portrait Gallery in Genova. We love how her work bounces off the white washed walls of this historical villa. What a perfect backdrop for her work.

Jackie Saccoccio Villa croceSaccoccio describes her work for her exhibition in Italy: “I see painting as an additive, improvisational occupation, and use pigment, oils and minerals in varying degrees of liquidity to apply layer upon layer. When I began the portraits, alchemical interpretations of 15th – 17th century portrait paintings, I realized I wasn’t developing passages toward a visually penetrable space in painting, but building an object, more like a sculpture. I cover things, but rarely edit or wipe off. I want the canvas to record the entire passage of the painting experience, including whatever self-doubt and bravado that goes into its making – each layer reflecting the gestural experience of the moment, so that the canvas is a record of the daily shifts in expression/execution – a psychological form of cubism.”



We’re really looking forward to viewing Saccocio’s current body of work at Eleven Rivington starting on April 17th.


Her use of color is incredibly bold and totally fearless.








What do you think of Saccoccio’s work?

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