20 May 2015

Twin Beds Are Trending

Tucked Under
The sleeping set up that's making a major comeback.

You may have noticed that twin beds are making somewhat of a come back. Though originally designed in the 1890’s for a man and his wife to sleep comfortably together yet separately, particularly during warm weather, today’s homeowner’s are installing twin beds in guest bedrooms and kid’s rooms because they can offer so much flexibility. We’re embracing the comeback enthusiastically while designing a guest bedroom for a new project we’ve recently taken on. This adorable twin bedded room caught our eye for it’s cheerful blue upholstered headboards, covered in a Raoul Fabric.
d8f990333ed377cf258720d59cc1cdfcThis bedroom below, designed by Amanda Nisbet, takes a playful spin on the upholstered headboard with scalloped edges. a0e8a09673d0c7ef4dfbac8d4f1e13a9A simple and elegant guest bedroom by Francois Catroux. So restful, right?francoiscatrouxSpindle twin beds work beautifully in a beach or country house. 
daea83495bfd8adac6906f9f6f105e24Michael S Smith keeps the headboards of these twin beds simple and streamlined. michaelsmithProbably one of the most famous twin bed bedrooms, as designed by Sister Parish.sisterparishRomantic canopy beds in Kate Rheinstein Brodsky’s apartment in Manhattan. f9504cc88f3ea64d0bfc308ee20a3075Carrier & Co creates a sophisticated guest bedroom in a house in the Hamptons. These are full mattresses, but the concept of two beds remains.carrierandcoBlue and white stripes bring great height and drama to this kid’s room. We love the canopies!
Stay tuned, and we’ll share our approved concept for the twin bedroom we’re designing next week!

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I love the personalities of each room. Each room is very distinguised
I love these decorating ideas. The designs are so vibrant and the view is so happy and cheerful.
Love these all! I think they are perfect for guest rooms. My favorite looks are the spindle beds and the canopy beds.
I grew up in a room with twin beds and love them. The first image is a favorite…amazing fabrics!!
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