2 June 2015

A Soft and Serene Penthouse

Tucked Under
Daniel Romualdez brings us into a new world devoid of color.

The June issue of Elle Decor is out and it is full of inspiring projects. One of our favorites is this very serene and soft penthouse designed by Daniel Romualdez. Devoid of any pattern or bold color, each room looks as if you could step in and feel immediately refreshed and at ease.  We love the combination of T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings armchairs and Louis XVI-style sofa (an eclectic pairing that you can mimic in your own home!). The dining table behind the sofa is covered in a tailored skirt adding another layer of softness amidst many sculptural pieces. gallery-1432654886-edc060115romauldez01Back to back Jansen-style sofas share the spotlight with a pair of boxy vintage zinc armchairs.
edc060115romauldez05Black lacquered cabinetry is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Black Ink. Chic!
edc060115romauldez03The on-the-small-side kitchen is kept very simple and clean. edc060115romauldez04This apartment exudes a sort of sexiness, doesn’t it? Each element feels very deliberate and purposeful in its participation. gallery-edc060115romauldez06-1This bathroom looks almost like it belongs at the beach. We would imagine it’s a wonderful place to relax after a long day. edc060115romauldez07Did you find this home as inspiring as we did? We love color but sometimes it’s nice to imagine what it would be like to live in a totally neutral world.

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