5 January 2015

Incorporating Art into bookcases

When possible, one of our favorite ways to stylize bookshelves is to add art. Not only is it an inventive way to display a treasured piece, it’s also a trick that many stylists use to break up the blocky-ness of all book, bookshelves. Take for example, this library below, where two pieces of art are hung on top of bookshelves filled with books and no objects or chotchkies. Installing a great piece of art on your bookshelf is a great way to skip the challenge of accessorizing all together! 1 Even a few small pieces can be dotted into the bookshelf menagerie as shown in Daniel Romualdez’ home library… 2In Mark D Sikes’ library at home, he keeps the shelves themselves color and accessory free allowing the black and white prints to have the greatest impact. 4 Choosing the right artwork requires careful consideration. In this dramatic black painted room, artwork in the same color scheme works seemlessly particularly because the contents on the bookshelves are limited in color as well. 3 How to hang a piece of art on your bookshelf? The best way to do this is using d-rings as opposed to hanging by a wire. 6Another way to add interest to your room and your bookshelves is this ambitious trick that Jeffrey Bilhuber has employed in this living room below. We love how an oversized mirror looks hung in an unexpected place. 7 If you don’t want to commit to hanging a piece on your shelves, you can also do what Bunny Williams has done, below. If your shelves aren’t tall enough to fit the desired piece of art, just remove a shelf and lean it against the back of the bookcase. 8Don’t be intimidated by this decorating idea. The artwork you choose doesn’t have to be extraordinary. We’ve found wonderful pieces with beautiful  frames at flea markets like Brimfield Antique Show. You can also frame illustrations or photographs torn from the pages of books. Even family photos are okay (though best if black and white, so they don’t scream, “look at me.”) New Year, new decorating Ideas! Enjoy the first week of January.

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Beautiful! Love the elegance of every room.
Can you tell me which issue of House Beautiful the first image is from? I'm curious to see any other photographs from this interior.
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