31 July 2014

Stephen Antonson

In designing a modern apartment for a fashion editor and her husband recently, we’ve had such fun exploring the world of sculptural furniture pieces. One of our favorite furniture designers is Brooklyn-based artist Stephen Antonson. Inspired by the French Surrealistic plaster furniture and lamps made in the 1930’s, each of Stephen’s pieces has its own signature simplicity. Below is a photo of Stephen taken in his studio, assembling one of his custom chandeliers. We love how the crisp, white plaster material looks in any room.Stephen Antonson Brooklyn Studio Shots10Stephen is a classically trained  artist and sculptor, his studio space brimming with creativity and fun. Stephen Antonson Brooklyn Studio ShotsStephen’s pieces are made with a lightweight metal or wood. First he primes the structure, then wraps it with a special gauze whose rough surface allows the plaster to cling to it. After a swab of shellac, he brushes on liquid plaster. Sanding follows, then a protective coat of primer. The drying process takes the most time, but pieces can always be touched up if they ever get fingerprinted or soiled. Working with a white material must have its challenges, but the end result is nothing short of stunning.Stephen Antonson Brooklyn Studio Shots8In the August issue of Elle Decor, one of Stephen’s signature “Hex” tables was featured in the home of William Abranowicz and Andrea Raisfeld. It jumps off the page! We can’t stress enough the importance of including sculptural elements in every interior to throw the symmetry off.EDC080114Abranowicz10-lgnOne of Stephen’s ceiling light fixtures was featured in this Miles Redd designed home in the Bahamas (below). item3.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.miles-redd-04-dining-roomStephen’s sculpture runs the gamut from lighting and furniture to mirrors and candlesticks. Here are just a few examples of the expansiveness of his work.  Stephen AntonsonWe love seeing some of the custom pieces he makes for his clients, like these (below). As you can see, the possibilities are limitless.

Ball Mirror Rectangular

Including this faux fossil light fixture in cobalt blue!

Coral Chandelier These 6.5 foot sculptures were made for a Las Vegas hotel. 7_plastertusks We adore this table lamp in plain white plaster, but once illuminated with gold, it becomes so much more elegant. DSC02218 If you’re interested in learning more about Stephen Antonson’s work, check out his website here.

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