13 April 2015

Elger Esser

One of our favorite fine art photographers is Dusseldorf based Elger Esser. His beautifully atmospheric, tranquil images are shot along shores and rivers in France, Italy, Spain, Holland, and Scotland. Minimal and subdued, they look almost like paintings from afar. We love his images because they are poetic and calming, adding to their environments in a very subtle, elegant way. It would be difficult to tire of looking at one of Esser’s pieces everyday. Since beginning his work as a fine art photographer in the early 90’s, Esser has made his way into the permanent collections of the Guggenheim and the MET, Centre Pompidou as well as a long list of other European museums.  Interior designers especially love his work because of how easy they are to incorporate into just about any style of interior. This image, below, of a dining room designed by Timothy Whealon is the epitome of freshness. Don’t you love the large scale Elger Esser behind the dining table?
101db0a849c19ea356f6ece05f3d7dfbHis pieces are often a great foil to rooms with lots of pattern and color, like this one, below.
a3271471277ca804c888451ed48df452Beautiful in this Victoria Hagan designed living room…
f1cac7f1f3956437d942cd03290281cd The Esser in this very traditional room, below, helps this space feel current without making too big of a splash.
c67e54ae93bde9070bcb0708e7822943We shot this Miles Redd-designed family room for our book a few years ago. The young couple who lived here were early collectors of Esser’s work. People are often apprehensive about hanging art on colored walls, but this combination is a testament that it can work–and well. Not suprising considering the man who dreamed up this winning combination!

Plougie l, Frankreich 2012


Villa del Aguila Spanien, 2008


Verdun sur le Doubs, Frankreich, 2009

EE-293_Limay II

Limay II Frankreich, 2010


Hommage à Stephen Shore – Veauche, Frankreich 2012

It’s hard to appreciate how stunning his photographs are without seeing them in person. In their large scale format they make quite an impression. Are you as smitten with Esser’s work as we are?!

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Stunning! I especially love the scale at which they are displayed in these rooms. Art this gorgeous deserves to by massive!
These are such nice spaces! I love the printed couch in the purple room. It would look awesome in my living room, haha. The Office Stylist www.theofficestylist.com
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