15 April 2014

Swing Arm Lamps

One of the ways we like to add more lighting to a room is to use swing arm lamps. Swing arm lamps are especially useful in framing a sofa or bed. We used this technique in the family room of the home we designed for Abby Larson. Abby’s family room is open to the kitchen and there are really only two places to put sofas–one by the windows (see photo below) and one on the small wall across from the TV. domino2The wall across from the TV is not big, so in order to use the most of the space, we decided to forgo any side tables or standing lamps for a comfortably-sized sofa that two people could sit in. Lighting was still a necessity though, and this is where wall mounted swing arm lamps came into play. The perfect solution for a small space that must be both functional and beautiful! domino1The swing arms above are from one of our favorite sources, Lamps Plus. Some of our other go-to swing arms?  Well, we love these Ralph Lauren Brompton Extension Swing Arms (1) and this vintage Scandanavian-inspired guy from School House Electric & Supply Co Isaac Sconce Brass in the bedroom(2). These Restoration Hardware Candlestick Swing-Arm Sconces in polished nickel are lovely and really elegant (3) Robert Abbey Koleman Brass (this is what we used in the photo above)–traditional with a modern twist (4). plugins2 copy
Do you have a favorite source for swing arm lamps? Do tell!

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Hi ladies! Could you kindly share the fabric info? Any details on it would be super helpful. I want to do a brown/blue scheme on my sofa and this is my inspiration piece. Best!
Hi Ladies, can you provide a source for the beautiful rug in the family room? I love all of the rugs you used in this space and have admired the details since the feature! I would appreciate it. :)
    Hi Angie, the rug in the family room is custom by stark carpet
    Also, thanks for the tip on the lamps. :) I have forced an end table next to a too tight space by my sofa because I just *needed* the reading lamp. But this is a great alternative I'll have to look into!
We have a French Library Double Wall Lamp from Circa Lighting, and we love it! Right at my built in desk so I don't have to waste desk space on a lamp!
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