16 February 2015

A Touch of Leopard

There are few patterns as enduring and classic as leopard print. Ever since J Crew’s Creative Director Jenna Lyons proclaimed it a neutral, it’s been popping up more and more in both fashion and home. People seem to be using it less as statement pattern and more as a layering pattern. I’ve always loved this photo, below, by Louise Dahl Wolfe from Harper’s Bazaar. What I would do for that coat right about now!
6d2b0542c4e2c3c81ca85133a1b634e2Christian Dior’s famous leopard print ads from 1958 really put leopard on the map.
9e712a1ea22966d88dfeb5d63513c8d8 I think there’s something very French about using leopard in interiors. I’m in the midst of decorating a new apartment and one of the first things I did was upholster the seat cushions of my english roll arm sofa in Brunschwig & Fils’ Congo Grospoint leopard print fabric. I love how it adds a subtle, small scale pattern to the space but still leaves room for other larger scale, bolder patterns. It can’t be overlooked that it’s also a great stain camouflager! One of the biggest champions of leopard in interiors is French interior designer Jacques Grange. Grange has decorated many of Aerin Lauder’s homes–from New York City to South Hampton–and has without fail managed to incorporate a touch of leopard into all of her homes. Below, her Manhattan living room which features a leopard print upholstered pair of chairs.
7d3489349973750c21d98bdc8c592ad2In Lauder’s house in South Hampton, a classic Bridgewater sofa is covered in a graphic leopard print.
e6ce653c5753644aad1f48881ea660d4More leopard! It’s a nice way to make the historically masculine library feel a little bit more whimsical and stylish.
8daf95c196534c0c63bc9fcacba036f4Fashion designer Veronica Swanson Beard’s diminutive leopard chairs pop off the turquoise walls of her Manhattan apartment.
swansonbeardDesigner Miles Redd loves to use leopard whenever he can and you’ll almost always see at least one or two leopard print pillows in the homes he designs. Pillows are an easy and risk-free way to get in on the leopard game.
ce3d99ec52784612012ab65232d33b84In Claiborne Swanson Frank’s first apartment, she covered a pair of x-benches in a leopard print velvet. It’s just the right pop of sophisticated pattern this light and airy room needs.
55540601f3664e2a9681fb2b32ca8accLots of little hits of animal print in this room in the apartment of Lambertson & Truex.
713ed06e07a9963d85489820939e8bf3In more neutral environments, like this living room below, a touch of leopard really pops.
0cc50a30e0f9d84f28576a385d86e084 Often times when we show clients a leopard print fabric swatch, the initial response is that it’s too bold or fashion-y. But take a close look at some of the interiors below and you’ll notice that in many of these colorful rooms, the leopard print practically fades away. 
thomasbrittAnother great way to use leopard print is on the floor. Like in this Thomas Britt living room (above) and this Nick Olsen room (below).
548f1d43635826a1aec873da79d7ee79A family room we shot for our book designed by Miles Redd. Wouldn’t you just miss the leopard carpeting if it wasn’t there? I couldn’t imagine this room without it.
5af1b03498f90f71ed0f3f955c5ec92fA classic room that feels much more fashionable with leopard on the floors than it might have otherwise felt.
7a15333c70029afdff2c3e6479eb389aBelow, a suite at the Hotel Saint James in Paris.
hotelsaintjamesparisA very dressy bedroom by Miles Redd.
Boxwood1A more casual, young and fresh feeling bedroom designed by Lily Bunn. Proof that leopard print doesn’t equal fuddy-duddy!
9cf73721b5bcc505ac5b3d4345423a97What are your thoughts? Do you like how leopard print looks in interiors? I’d love to hear!

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I love the leopard carpeting! Do you have any favorite sources? Thanks!
    Hi Maggie, We like Stark, Kerastan, and Rosenfeld for leopard carpeting: http://www.karastan.com/carpet-search/Exotics%20Magestic%20Leopard http://www.rosenfeldcarpet.com/animal http://www.starkcarpet.com/carpet/index2.cfm
      These are perfect. Thank you!
Wondering what you was the other fabric (color, material) you covered the rest of your arm roll sofa? I was considering the same as you've done. Thanks
    Hi Barbara! I used a plain linen fabric from Clarence House for the rest of the sofa.
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