10 December 2013

Antoine Rose

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Miami for Art Basel. Art Basel was brought from Switzerland to Miami in 2002 and every year since it has gotten bigger and bigger with more and more artists showcasing their work. It’s great to see all of the big time artists and dealers at the main fair at the Miami Convention Center, but I love checking out the smaller fairs that feature emerging and lesser known artists. The work of Belgian photographer Antoine Rose caught my eye at Scope (one of the smaller fairs). I know this concept of shooting above a beach, bleaching out the sand and brightening the colors of the umbrellas and sunbathers is not new (see work by Massimo Vitali), but I loved Antoine’s photos anyway. They’re especially appealing on this snowy winter day in NYC. Aren’t they cheerful?arAntoine shoots his photos literally hanging out of a helicopter 300 ft in the air over Miami beach and the Hamptons.blue-canopyI especially love his photographs in the vertical size like the one below. 1
A few of the pieces he was showing down in Miami…3Aren’t the pops of cobalt blue great in this one, below?2Ready for a beach vacation yet? I am and I just got back!

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