23 July 2013

Hand printed textiles

For all of you trendspotters out there, have you noticed how many hand-printed textiles are now available for use in interior design applications? Many of these custom designed hand-blocked prints are more like artwork than traditional textiles. Incorporating these beautiful fabrics has a way of loosening up the look in rooms that are actually very carefully composed. The colors used are part of their appeal, too. You’ll find them in applications either as compliments to more traditional textiles, or as a statement fabric on an upholstered piece or a pair of upholstered pieces in a room.  No matter how they’re used, we’re certain that they’re here to stay. Some of our absolute favorite hand-printed textile companies include Raoul, Galbraith & Paul, Katie Leede, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Lisa Fine, Amanda Nisbet, and Peter Dunham.
Photo above by Matt McGrath. Textiles in photo below by Peter Dunham.
Doing an accent chair in one of these fabulous fabrics has such a great effect. Textiles on chairs clockwise from left: Raoul, Raoul, Peter Dunham, Raoul.
chairfabricsA room full of hand-painted blue and white fabrics, below.blueandwhite
More coordinating blue and white on this daybed (all fabrics by Raoul).
A George Smith sofa upholstered in a Raoul fabric at the Raoul showroom. We love it when Bridgewater sofas are done in bold prints like this!
Raoul is used in the room below as window treatments and for the sofa seat cushionsraoulsofa
Whenever these special textiles are applied, they have such a fresh, modern appeal. Below left and right, headboard fabrics by AND (Amanda Nisbet).
Below, clockwise from top left: window treatments in AND, vanity skirt in Raoul, bedding in Raoul, headboard in Raoul.
Who makes your favorite hand-printed textiles?

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Some of the textiles in the second photo, as well as the room design itself are by Lauren Liess of Lauren Liess Interiors and Laren Liess Textiles. I have two of her hand blocked linens in my home, and they are beautiful. And the price isn't bad for 100% linen.
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