17 February 2014

Paintings and Photography by Marilyn Minter

For today’s Artist Spotlight, I wanted to share some images by painter and photographer Marilyn Minter. Minter’s super glossy, glamorous paintings of lacquered lips and eyes and sexy legs splashing around in muddy puddles, have caught the eye of lots of high-profile collectors in the past five years. Interestingly, Minter is a bit of a late bloomer, a working artist for decades before finding success. To create her incredibly photo realistic paintings, Minter takes a picture with her camera and then runs it through a series of manipulations on Photoshop. She then paints from the photo using enamel to create the shiny, wet effect she has become famous for. This painting, below, is called Lil’ Blue Eyed Girl (enamel on metal).mm1Below, Master Blaster (metal on enamel). mm13Shy Shoes (enamel on metal). mm11Poufer (enamel on metal).mm10Pink Pedi (enamel on metal).mm8Here’s a photograph of Minter’s called Little Egypt.mm9Black Orchid (print). mm12
Some of the paintings are really large-scale. Here are a few hanging at Marilyn’s NY gallery, Salon 94mm4A painting of a photograph Minter took of Pamela Anderson hanging in one of decorator Amanda Nisbet’s client’s living rooms. mm7How great is this face full of freckles, glossy full lips, and glittery eyes? Her pieces have the ability to take a room from zero to one hundred in seconds.mm3A Minter hanging above a bed in Architectural Digest. mm2A pair of Minters, one in a dining room and another in a hallway. mm5You probably recognize this bedroom featured in Lonny magazine a few years ago. These skateboards were done by Minter. Fabulous. mm6Head over to Paddle 8 where a few of Minter’s prints are currently being auctioned off (I love this one). Going, going, gone!

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I love discovering new artists with such talent. I would LOVE to have a piece in my home. She reminds me of Jeannie Maddox from my hometown in Alabama. I received your book from my mother-in-law when I got engaged and was decorating my first home, but I didn't realize you had a blog too! I'll definitely be back often. www.theperennialstyle.com
    Thank you so much! Glad you like our book!
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