6 February 2015

Folding Screens

Folding screens are one of those decorative elements that, while they probably aren’t a necessity for most rooms, can have a wonderful impact. Whether used to separate two distinct sitting areas in a large living room, to provide privacy to a small studio apartment, or for pure decorative effect, the folding screen is often the unsung hero of many spaces. We recently designed an upholstered screen for a client in Brooklyn to hide a coats and boots area at the ground floor entrance. We especially love screens behind beds, like in this image, below. This screen was customized by adding lighting directly to the upholstered front.
N18vv2KFFDSM7J1uy_sbhy5QDmP-32U0ydEJYfjIQEkIn this living room below, a bold blue screen with nail head details serves a purely decorative purpose, adding a pop of color and architectural detail to this corner of the room.
ec751e80f313da835582050d9e2c28d8A pair of screens on either side of a fireplace are a nice alternative to a pair of dressers or consoles.
ps9dXVycSuRG8KHDuAOl0bCvE5k0AJIBvEu3j7N38m8This screen divides the living area from the entrance in an open loft. We love how the designer used it as a gallery wall of sorts hanging art from each panel.
5345a24e98bc9109a87da77fcfde7c24An interesting decorative screen can take the place of an eye-catching wallpaper.
orE2JRuKjokl15DrbLsBO0nYMjYYAhqmV80S0tDiK80A screen with glass on the top allows light to come in while still creating a visual distinction between two areas of the room.
4e6f0160a6c735d0bcab372155bfa026A more traditional folding screen behind a bed.
2081a50c049846c271c2fd1c40beff9cA few of our favorite folding screens at the moment:

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