12 December 2018

The Power of Decorative Painting

A sneak peek of some of the special finishes we're creating for an apartment downtown.

Decorators have lots of tricks up their sleeves and decorative painting is a big one. When it comes to creating rooms that feel layered and atmospheric, and most importantly, like they’ve always been that way, faux finishes are key. We utilize some sort of decorative painting on almost every project we work on — from subtle colored stries and murals on walls to light reflecting silver leafing and lacquers on ceilings. On an apartment in Tribeca, we recently used a venetian plaster finish on the walls throughout the public areas of the home with a white gold leaf strie lacquered ceiling in the hallway. The walls now have a magnificent glow day and night and the reflective ceiling is the perfect foil for the white plaster shell form hanging light fixtures.

The walls are a polished Venitian Plaster finish. To achieve this satin sheen, the plaster is applied, then polished and waxed three or four times. A good skim coating prior is crucial.
To achieve this effect, the ceiling is first painted in a base coat color that looks like gold, then squares of white gold leaf is applied individually. After that the leafing is lacquered and then stried on top for more texture.

Looking forward to sharing more special moments from this apartment very soon!

— Lauren & Suzanne
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