1 November 2018

A Dreamy Master Bedroom

For a project on Park Avenue, our client had one request: a glamorous canopy bed!

On this recently completed project in a storied Upper East Side building (read more about it here and see the entire project here), our client requested interiors that spoke to the local vernacular of the traditional Park Avenue apartment, re-imagined for a down-to-earth young family that loves to entertain. They wanted their new home to embody the hallmarks of the classic, glamorous uptown apartment with their growing collection of contemporary art in mind. In the master bedroom, our client requested a canopy bed, and naturally, we were thrilled to oblige her.

Walls in a custom blue painted strie treatment that creates a warm, texturized feeling. The ceiling trays were painted with a stipple glaze to further create a cocoon-like feeling. Silk carpeting and a mix of French and English antiques as well as a stunning murano glass chandelier give this room a wonderful feeling of having been put together over time.
Jacqueline Kennedy's bedroom at the White House.
We drew inspiration from this simple, flat panel pleated canopy.
Soft, serene blues.
The dressy-ness of this room was an image we pinned to illustrate the importance of a few serious antiques .

An early rendering to illustrate the combination of textiles to be used on the canopy, headboard, and bedskirt.

The scheme for this room started with a vibrant chintz fabric from Rose Tarlow.

A detail of the canopy.
If the room allows for it, we love creating an intimate seating area.
We originally bought this english table for the living room, but, come installation day, it was the perfect piece for this spot in the master.
Personal knick knacks on the tabletop.
The master bathroom was recently renovated. We dressed it up with some new wallpaper and a pair of vintage sconces and custom lampshades.

We loved creating this sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of New York City for our client!  Click here to see the final photos from this project.

— Lauren & Suzanne
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