31 January 2014

Cheerful, Happy fabrics from Tulu Textiles

We’ve recently discovered the gorgeous line of bold, bohemian textiles by Tulu. Based in Istanbul in an Old City townhouse, Tulu is run by American Elizabeth Hewitt who designs all of the hand-blocked fabrics and linens herself. We’re totally captivated by her Middle Eastern-inspired palette and bold patterns. Don’t you just want to throw one her pillows on your sofa right now?! We sure do!  tulu13A small sampling of Tulu’s textiles. See them all on their website. And if you live in NYC, you can see them in person at Studio Four. tulu1A beautiful bed made with Tulu linens:wr2Great pillows! We love the Inez pattern (below, left).xpillows1-960x720xpillows2-960x720xpillows5-960x720We’re looking forward to using Tulu in future projects! Happy Friday!

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