28 September 2017

Home Office Bookshelves

It’s no secret that technology has completely changed the way we work, especially our ability to work remotely. As our work and home lives become more fluid, the home office has become more and more a priority to decorate. For us, we believe home offices should deliver on two fronts; it should make you feel energized when you’ve got to get it done, but also relaxed when you’re waiting for that “aha!” moment.  In my own home, which I am in the process of designing, I decided to convert what was the formal dining room into an office/library for my husband and me. The major goal of the room that it feel comfortable and function well in the early mornings as well as late at night. Below, a couple photos of that inspired me. Bookcases are key, not only because I have so many books, but I also find it a wonderful place to share my current and past interests with everyone who enters.
On a purely decorating note, a fanciful carpet, with some wear and tear, is an immediate way to add some history to a space.I love the idea of having a hanging pendant in the room. It’s unexpected and theatrical and necessary especially for my room which requires additional ambient light. In an apartment we recently decorated on Washington Square Park, we took great care in designing the built-in bookcases with clean, classical lines. The lighting, from Urban Electric, is such a wonderful slightly whimsical addition. In my home, we designed a wall of bookcases to greet you when you first walk in. Storage inside the lower cabinets was key in creating a clutter-free work space that is conducive to productivity and calm.  Here’s a sneak peak at the bookcases with one layer of high gloss paint. The walls will be covered in a burlap — a favorite treatment for libraries that makes everyone feel like they are enveloped in a soft cocoon.I’ll be posting more as the room comes together. Stay tuned!

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Those floor to ceiling bookshelves look really beautiful. I love that interior, looks so cozy and warm
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