4 June 2015

Fabrics Inspired by Classic Indian Blockprints

We love using patterned fabrics in the rooms that we design. As often as we can, we try to include a print by Muriel Brandolini. Her fabrics incorporate both unique pattern and very sophisticated color combinations. If you take a look at the full line (available through Holland & Sherry), you will see what we mean. Brandolini is known for her incredible sense of color, and we often use her textiles for color pairing inspiration even if the textile never ends up in the room! Below, a few of her beautiful fabrics…MurielBrandolini_Fabrics_6.3.15A bedroom on the Upper East Side designed by Katie Ridder using a Muriel Brandolini fabric all over the room. MurielBrandolini_Fabrics_6.3.15 whitenewAnother Katie Ridder-designed space in Carnegie Hill where a Brandolini fabric is used on the walls, canopy, and even on the cording of the chair in the corner (lovely detail!). MurielBrandolini_Fabrics_6.3.15 beigeA little girl’s room designed by Celerie Kemble where “Cream 2” is used on the headboard. MurielBrandolini_Fabrics_6.3.15 creamWe designed a little girl’s room last year using one of our favorite yellow and pink Muriel Brandolini fabrics. This was the fabric scheme for the room, below.girlsroomschemeDon’t these fabrics feel fresh? We think so.

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Nous collaborons avec nos architectes d'intérieur les plus exigeants;Nous somme mouleurs Dès vos coordonnées je vous ferai parvenir photos et genèse Ce message est destiné à Madame Muriel Brandolini
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