1 May 2015

Cement Tile

We’re always looking for new materials to customize the look of the rooms we design. And lately, we’ve become enamored with the look of cement tile. Also known as encaustic cement tile, this hand made decorative tile is produced from cement, marble dust, and mineral pigments, then pressed by hydraulic machines and cured naturally. The end result is a finish that is often richer than a typical ceramic tile- plus, it takes less time to produce. The colors and patterns are limitless. In this gorgeous sunroom, designer Katie Ridder used a custom cement tile floor as the key graphic element in the room.
Katie-Ridder_Arkansas_LivinIn this Florida Beach House, this pungent blue ceramic tile floor is all about color.
cement_tile8Designer Tom Scheerer like to uses cement tile in beach houses as he finds them so easy to live with, particularly when water and sand are a part of everyday life. He also uses cement tile on walls to add depth.
cement_tile1In this Vero Beach House Tom Scheerer uses cement tile as a back splash. His color combinations and pattern selections are genius. Don’t you agree?
cement_tile5 Katie Ridder used cement tile from Mosaic House in this kitchen.
Look at this daring geometric pattern in this Barcelona kitchen, designed by Kindesign.
Cement tile floors are durable, and can work in traditional to modern interiors equally well.
Even in a bedroom, they add so much character.
cement_tile9Bathrooms, too! On the right, “Rosa” Tile, supplied by Mosaic House. We adore this color combination.
cement_tile2In Tom Scheerer’s home in Harbor Island, the mosaic tile is the room’s personality.
cement_tile4Cement tile can be sourced from Mosaic House or Villa Lagoon Tile. Take a look at their websites, you’re sure to be inspired!

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These tiles are wonderful and so comfortable to walk barefoot!
I'm loving the look of this tile! My favorite is probably the bright blue ones. I would love to have those in my home. The Office Stylist www.theofficestylist.com
Thanks for the mention Suzanne and Lauren, we love making tile for Tom Scheerer. He and his team are so nice. And we look forward to working with y'all too. Best wishes....Lundy
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