19 May 2015

Alessandra Branca's Kips Bay Room

Tucked Under

Every year, the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club executes one of the best decorator show houses of the year. This year is no exception, with the rooms of seven story townhouse at 58 E. 66th St. decked out by some of the biggest names in decorating. One of our favorite rooms this year was designed by Alessandra Branca. If you’re a fan of Branca, then you know that she has become famous for her use of the color red. She is the queen of red rooms!! True to form, Branca created a lovely living room for this year’s show house with walls covered in red and white stripes and the classic Braquenie Tree of Life print throughout the space. The black and gold lacquered Coromandel screen is a wonderful way to ground the main seating area and make this very large room feel cozier. 2-alessandra-brancaShe did a wonderful job with the furniture plan, creating a space that can be used for many different purposes throughout the day. brancaLook at how she used plants throughout the room to make the space feel more alive. A great tip for all of us to employ! Alessandra-Branca21Look at the little details, like the ribbon trim that frames all of the architectural details in the room…AC_Opt21Are you as inspired as we are? Bravo, Alessandra!

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Good its beautiful, Thank you for sharing such a nice photos i got good idea for my home design.
Awesome, thanks so much for the get info! Cool idea for a Decoration! I hope you have a great day!
What a gorgeous space! I love the red and white combo. This space has the perfect combination of vintage and modern.
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