13 October 2014

Circle Time

One of the things Suzanne likes to remind our clients when they start veering off into what we like to call “right angle land” is that the most interesting rooms are ones that include a variety of different shapes; from rectangles and squares to circles and octagons, spaces that embrace a variety of forms are typically the most successful. One of the most beautiful shapes to use in a room is the circle. Give Suzanne a square dining room and she will jump at the chance to fill it with a beautiful round dining table. In the right spaces, we also love round rugs, side tables, mirrors, and coffee tables. But what about circular art, sculpture and objects d’art? This type of circle provides a wonderful way to add interest to a room in a way that feels quite unexpected. Take, for example, this living room designed by David Hicks, below.
Carolina Herrera Baez’s apartment in Madrid features a circle sculpture above a sofa.
I’m not sure where this image is from (does anyone know?) but I love the simplicity of it.
Below, Pierre Yovanovitch places a circular oil on canvas by Mark Quinn above his fireplace.
Designer Tom Scheerer loves to use circular art and sculpture in his interiors. Below in a Chelsea studio.
Another Tom Scheerer space that is sparse and minimalist but incredibly poetic.
03Last week while shopping at ABC Home in NYC I came across these light sculptures. Fun, no? The blue would be a great pop of color in a more modern space.
Do you have any favorite photos of interiors that employ the circle in an inspiring way? Please share!!

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