27 April 2015

Stripes on Walls

We love striped walls. Whether they’re vertical (typically more traditional) or horizontal (more modern), we’ve never met a stripe we didn’t like. Vertical stripes are a great way to add height to a room, whether on the walls or on curtains. And if you like lots of patterns in your interiors, they’re easy to mix with florals and geometrics (great example of this below in a Tom Scheerer family room where the walls are swathed in a bold blue and white stripe and the sofa and pillows are a mix of large and small scale pattern).
23In a living room of Carolina Herrera, below, the walls are striped as are the curtains and a few of the chairs. We love how inviting but still very dressy this room feels.
13-Carolina-Herrera-House-and-Garden-Michael-Mundy-6-935x1024For a more modern beachy vibe, try vertical stripes like this:
65da86e8cc41e68831d5b2bd2183d3a7Jean Louis Denoit does very subtle, metallic horizontal stripes in this apartment.
3b2554c51e1386eb3e2e966db3c8c9beA very traditional room with tone on tone stripes on the walls.
aa1c4d2aeeceda1b1a7e9728e7a68080It’s hard to tell in this photo from Elle Decor whether the walls are fabric covered or painted, but either way, they look fab.
5-ST-Blue-Lambertson-Elle-Decor-Bengoecha-Oct-1998A very thin stripe feels very chic in this bedroom, below.
5929667277f0061850d028ef85e32461Miles Redd loves to tent rooms and cover walls in stripes. He uses one of our favorite Bennison stripes in this tropical home, below.
2504886f750ded0e89fbdb3ba71d4a4aAnother tented, stripe room designed by Brazilian designer Sig Bergamin…
111How bold and cheerful is this bathroom?!
3808f7fc16396d2b220205ba48d50383We love the modern edge these wide, horizontal stripes give the windows in this very classical apartment.
4fd6008caf8ee1e930369d3bdafa1223You can never go wrong with blue and white stripes.
12A small first apartment featured in Domino magazine…
003544b9624c1f3d078f9fea3f21126dChic, chic, chic!
We’re feeling very inspired by stripes right now. Are you?

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I am totally obsessed with these rooms! I love the bold color combo in the first picture. Also loving the modern and cool look of the third room. The Office Stylist www.theofficestylist.com
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