14 January 2015

Colorful Lampshades

Nothing makes a room feel more custom and one of a kind than colorful lacquered or fabric covered lampshades. While it may seem like an unnecessary detail, a little pop of color around the room by way of a lampshade can introduce an entirely new layer to a space. Often times when you are on a budget and need to furnish an entire room, it’s the little things like the lampshades, the throw blanket, the pillows, and the tabletop accessories really give a room personality. It’s a lot easier (on the wallet!) to purchase a luxurious custom lampshade than say a custom sofa, or a carpet.
07f7d1237a24fbaf310f4fe939debd59Above and below, silk lampshades in a Christopher Maya house in the Hamptons.
82a20a368a43a9d47411bfcc3665c47dAnother nice detail, below, with a beaded trim along the rim of the shade.
tumblr_n4kj6g2Psn1s7a0b4o1_500We love it when designers pair a colorful ceramic lamp with a colored lampshade like Miles Redd did in this living room, below.
miles-redd1A tropical home designed by Miles Redd with a magenta lampshade. The lamp is nothing special but the shade gives it all its personality!
beach-media-game-room-miles-redd-lyford-cay-bahamas-201308-2_1000-watermarkedBelow, Vogue editor Hamish Bowles’ Paris apartment.
b9ba63348ca618d321b49f21ac6c078dIf you’re looking to purchase ready-made, custom fabric lampshades, our favorite source is Irving and Morrison. Take a look at some of the FABULOUS options they sell, below. Can you say chic?!
la-035They also sell some really unique ceramic lamps. Don’t you love this pink and turquoise combination?
Our favorite potter, Christopher Spitzmiller, makes some wonderful solid colored paper vellum shades:
shades1Would you use a colorful lampshade in your home?

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