29 April 2015

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

If you like your art super colorful, then Jean-Baptiste Bernadet is one to know. Born in Paris, he currently lives and works in Brussels where he makes paintings that are both abstract and recognizable, reminiscent of the view through a kaleidoscope with many of his paintings have something of a modern day Manet feeling to them. Bernadet has said that he doesn’t feel certain about anything in life and that he wants his work to reflect this sentiment. We love how free and colorful his canvases are. They would be beautiful on the walls of an all white beach house, don’t you think?

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Love all the color! I am a big fan of bright colors, especially in wall art. These are all so nice, I can't even choose my favorite. The Office Stylist www.theofficestylist.com
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