12 January 2015

Repurposing Great Pieces

As you probably know by now, we love the work of NYC-based interior designer Miles Redd. So, when the opportunity arose to photograph one of his projects for our book, we couldn’t have been more excited. The premise of our book, “Good Bones, Great Pieces: The Seven Essential Pieces To Carry You Through a Lifetime,” is that you should purchase furniture that you can live with forever.  It’s about buying well-made, quality pieces that you love and bringing them with you from home to home, or moving them from room to room, for a lifetime. No one proves this edict more true than Miles Redd. He is often quoted in shelter magazine stories saying, “Buy the best and you’ll only cry once.” Like us, he doesn’t believe in buying furniture and kicking it to the curb a few years later. He demonstrated this decorating concept effortlessly when his client, the homeowners of the apartment we shot a few years ago for our book, recently moved to a new apartment. Bringing all of the wonderful pieces collected during the decorating of the first apartment, Redd and his client recently set out to renovate a new apartment and it was just published in House Beautiful magazine. After seeing the absolutely gorgeous new apartment where almost all of the pieces from the first apartment have been used in new and inventive ways, we had to share our photos from the first apartment so you could see for yourselves how seamlessly the pieces were incorporated. Below, in a corner of the first apartment, a camel back sofa bought at auction sits in front of vibrant de Gournay covered walls.
MR1The combination of the yellow Ellsworth Kelly print and the sapphire blue sofa was just too good not to replicate in the new apartment, below. Redd switched things up in the new apartment’s living room covering the walls in Iksel’s Eastern Eden wallpaper, instead of de Gournay.
03-hbx-blake-brunson-miles-redd-1114-xlnIn the first apartment, Miles Redd hung a Damien Hirst above the main sofa, below.
MR10In the new apartment, it moves to above the custom-made banquette. Love the look of art layered on top of wallpaper? Check out this post for some of our best tips.
02-hbx-red-ticking-stripe-sofa-1114-xlnThe living room of the first apartment…You’ll notice the animal hide rug was used again in the library of the new apartment (the bright green lacquered room a few photos down!).
MR13One of the best parts of working on our first book was collaborating with English illustrator Alice Tait. We had Alice create vibrant, colored-in furniture plans of many of the interiors we shot. Here’s the furniture plan from the first apartment. You can see here how the love seat interacted with the rest of the furnishings in the room.
MR8In the new apartment, the furniture plan does not drastically change. The new wallpaper really gives the furnishings a fresh, new look. Redd uses the coffee table, the side tables, and the lamps from the first family room in the new living room below.
01-hbx-purple-velvet-sofa-1114-xlnBelow is the family room of the first apartment where Redd re-purposed the coffee table, side tables, and lamps for the new living room.
MR12This cabriole leg French bench was in the entryway of the first apartment (love those cork covered walls!).
MR5In the new apartment, the same bench is used in this vibrant green lacquered library, as is the St. Thomas style sofa that formerly lived in the family room of the old apartment.
09-hbx-green-library-1114-xlnIn the new apartment, Redd creates one of his signature salon style art walls.
07-hbx-blue-velvet-sectional-1114-xlnThe chair from the old family room as well as the desk from the old living room make themselves at home in the new family room.
08-hbx-mirrored-desk-1114-xlnThis Saarinen dining table, below, was in the first apartment’s kitchen and now lives in the formal dining room.
06-hbx-chartreuse-dining-chairs-1114-xlnA totally new take on the foyer!
04-hbx-quadrille-nomad-fabric-1114-xlnThe master bedroom in the new apartment is completely transportive.
10-hbx-de-gournay-sans-souci-wallcovering-1114-xlnWhile both apartments are aspirational, it still illustrates the point that choosing the right pieces is the key to a lifetime of beautiful spaces. Which apartment do you like more? We love them both!

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be still my heart, going thru your post is like wandering through a happy dream. Miles Redd - xoxo. point well made on buying quality timeless pieces once. great post!
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