2 January 2015

Dark Lacquered Walls

Dark lacquered walls are wonderful in dining rooms, libraries, sun-filled living rooms and even in the butler’s pantry. We love how a dark lacquered dining room twinkles in the night when the overhead chandelier is dimmed and the candles are lit. Equally lovely is a dark library which can be incredibly enveloping, often becoming the coziest and most popular room to curl up with a good book and a glass of red wine. One of my favorite rooms of all time is this deep, dark brown lacquered sun room designed by David Netto, below. I love how it feels at once modern and fresh, while still appropriate to the house. The walls of this room may be incredibly dark, but everything about this room feels airy and light–quite the feat if you ask me!
davidnelloSuper dark black, brown, and aubergine walls are not a new invention, designer greats such as Billy Baldwin, Sister Parish, David Hicks, and Mario Buatta have been painting rooms in inky, dark hues for decades. In design, contrast is king and Sister Parish shows the importance of this in her living room, below. With the walls painted a deep aubergine, the  upholstered pieces and rug need to pop. Parish accomplishes this by upholstering almost all of the furnishings in creamy, light colored fabrics.
sisterparishIn this living room, below, by Billy Baldwin, he also upholsters one of the largest upholstered pieces in a creamy white fabric while bringing the walls to life with colorful art. One mistake we often see in dark rooms is that not enough color is brought into the scheme. This room is a great example of how integral color and contrast are to dark rooms.
billybaldwinA David Hicks room painted in an inky, blue black. Notice all of these rooms feature crisp white moldings and trim!
davidhicks1960sA luxurious chocolate brown lacquered living room by the legendary Mario Buatta. While color and pattern pop off the dark, shiny walls, so does a little glitz. Gold accents look great in these rooms and really up the glam factor.
mario_buatta,_ad_4,_geometric_rugAnother one of my all time favorite dark lacquered rooms is this library by Jeffrey Bilhuber. I could live in this room forever!
jeffreybilhuberA glamorous foyer by Ruthie Sommers, below.
suthies2Aerin Lauder’s home office, below. Chic, chic, chic!
a51cb34ebc52e80ef668230d276755beIt must be said, the black/super dark wall is much easier to pull off when it is lacquered. A dark matte wall doesn’t have the reflective qualities of a lacquer finish, helping to bounce light around the room. Unless a room gets a lot of natural light or has lots of built in bookshelves or art to cover the walls, we typically don’t recommend painting walls a dark matte black or brown. If you are considering painting your walls a dark, lacquered color, make sure you have sufficient lighting throughout the room–it’s the interplay of light and reflection that makes lacquered walls so special!
767da6e9c1043c6d95ee0daef08c2714In Daniel Ramoualdez’s Manhattan apartment, his library walls are painted a true black. It doesn’t feel overwhelming because the walls are filled with so many books.
danielramoualdeznycaptNot ready to commit to a large, dark room? How about a small entry, like this one in Phillip Gorrivan’s apartment?
4551dda58c3eb809fbcc19f07a422ff6We love lacquered walls in a butler’s pantry. Like foyers, it’s a great way to take a chance and create a special little nook in the house without going whole hog.
c4bb01ed7d3766edd3276fbe2e3e0b9bOr what about black lacquered doors and faux bamboo lacquered trim detail?
8e38fcf114a56d0daeb285d521929ef9For us, there’s nothing more glamorous, or more enveloping than glossy, dark walls. Are you ready to go to the dark side? We sure are!

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