30 June 2014

5 steps towards a stylish night table

One of the things we are always doing for clients and photo shoots is accessorizing table tops. The night table is one of those surfaces that we use everyday so it’s important that it be chic, clutter-free, and above all, functional. Below, a bedroom from the pages of our book featuring the 5 key elements to creating a beautiful bedside table top.
how-to-style-an-endtableFirst things first: choosing a night table. If you’re looking for the ultimate in flexibility, don’t choose a side table that’s too heavy or boxy looking. Choose a piece that’s relatively simple in design, with either a drawer or a shelf, but probably not both. Once you’ve chosen your night table, you can focus on how to accessorize it.  The night table is definitely a surface that needs to be edited; a cluttered bedside table is not only not pleasing to the eye, but it just doesn’t function the way you want it to. There are a few items we always include on the night table, and we’ve narrowed them down for you into a super easy formula that everyone can follow: 1. We like using ceramic lamps that are at least 26″ tall (including the shade). 2. Add fresh flowers! Use a single type, like peonies, when possible, or tulips cut short and displayed in small vessels. 3. Choose a catch-all tray that is interesting and pretty to store your jewelry and hair accessories. 4. Select a decorative object that’s whimsical, tells a story, or reminds you of an important time or place. 5. Hang a piece of art close to the table, or lean it on an easel on the table top. This can also be a special photograph.

lamp similar lamp | similar vase | catch-all | sculpture | art

Looking for the perfect bedside table? Check out our The Best: Bedside Tables post here for some of our go-tos. Inspired to zhush up your night table? Instagram your night table with the hashtag #gbgpstyle and we’ll share our favorite at the end of the week. Happy accessorizing!

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