3 June 2014

Andrew Moore

We have been following the work of American photographer Andrew Moore for the past few years, from his series in Cuba, Russia and Detroit to his most recent one in Nebraska. His moody photographs capture both exteriors and interiors of some of the most beautiful locations in the world, many of which are long past their golden age. Moore manages to capture great beauty in the decrepit. Interestingly, Moore started out studying architecture, which may explain his fascination with buildings, especially those that have become relics of a once grand and flourishing civilization. His work has been acquired by numerous museums in the United States and internationally, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Library of Congress, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among many others. “It is no accident that in Detroit, Havana and Russia, the subjects of his three books, ideological ruin is almost as prevalent as physical decay. Moore might well have been attracted to those places because their erstwhile belief systems ran out of time,” writes Art in America.  A select few of our favorite Andrew Moore photographs, below.  
Cuarto en el Cerro
Cuarto en el Cerro
El Rapidito 
El Rapidito
Los Libros de Anton en la calle 
Los libros de Anton en la calle
El Centro De Oro 
El Cetro De Oro
Turkish Envoy’s Room 
Turkish Envoy's Room
Dr. Triolet 
Dr. Triolet
Casa Veraniega 
Casa Veraniega detailThe photograph above, Casa Veraniega, was featured in a recent Elle Decor story of a brownstone decorated by Miles Redd. It’s hard to see but that’s Andrew Moore on the right side of the fireplace! His photographs are great compliments to traditional interiors. image_thumb[61]
Opera House Lrkutsk 
Opera HouseLrkutsk
Tutus Mariinsky Theater
Palace Square
PalaceSquareIf you’re interested in seeing Moore’ s work in person, he is represented by Yancey Richardson gallery in NYC.

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