23 June 2015

The Front Door

Tucked Under

When it comes to making a first impression, the front door is where it all begins. Since Sunday was the official first day of summer, it’s the optimal time to start taking a closer look at the exterior details of your home, and when time (and budget!) allows, opting to make some changes. First and foremost, nothing gives a home a quicker refresh than a coat of paint. We love painting front doors a color, of course, but even a coat of shiny black lacquer paint can be a game changer. We advise clients on preferred exterior door colors frequently, and these (below) are our all-time favorites. Note: your front door does not necessarily have to be the same paint color as the shutters (if applicable), or trim. Even if you’re just painting the front door at this time, any of these colors will yield beautiful results, and your home’s curb appeal will be the better for it.Front_Entrance_Post_New21. Benjamin Moore – Harbor Fog , 2. Benjamin Moore – Mohegan Sage , 3. Benjamin Moore – Universal Black, 4. Fine Paints of Europe – North Sea Blue , 5. Fine Paints of Europe – Black. A few of our favorite inspo images to keep in mind if you’re thinking of making some changes to your front door…Front_Entrance_Post_New
Front_Entrance_Post_New1We always love a dutch door…Luxe-Dutch-DoorHow about a bright yellow door a la Miles Redd?!
main.original.585x0 13540163374_0b62b38a93_z christinamurphy door-palmer-weiss-trad-home p_101502410CROP.jpg Aerin-Lauder-Hamptons-front-doorOnce you’ve decided on painting your door a color or shiny black lacquer, don’t stop there! The fittings on the door should be attended to at the same time. You may notice that door hardware, including knobs, knockers and such can start to look a bit tired after several years of inclimate weather. Changing the hardware can be somewhat expensive, but the rewards are great- and if you’re taking them off to paint the door, now is the time. Baldwin is our go-to brand for exterior door hardware, but Home Depot carries a more budget friendly collection as well. We prefer classical forms like rings: stay away from the lion’s heads, we think.Front_Entrance_Post_New3
1. Nanz, 2. Baldwin (available in a variety of finishes). And finally, don’t forget to enhance the overall look with a pair (at least) of classical urns, filled with seasonal flowers and greens. This is such a simple weekend project that will please you again and again as you enter and leave your home over the next three months. Choose hearty flowers that you can prune easily and will last a long time, like petunias in contrasting colors, or perennials, that will return from year to year.Front_Entrance_Post_New6Some of our favorites from RT Facts: 1. Carrara Marble Urns with Bronze Handles , 2. Antique Bronze Pedestal Urns, 3. Painted Iron Urns
Are you inspired? Go for it! You and everyone who visits your home in the coming months will be glad you did!

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