25 April 2014

Grace Coddington's Auction with Paddle 8

Starting on May 1st and running until the 16th, online art and furniture auction house Paddle 8 will be showing a collection of nude photographs curated by THE Grace Coddington. Called “No Clothes,” the auction features prints by famed photographers such as Bert Stern, Annie Liebovitz, and Chuck Close. For the WSJ Magazine’s issue out May 3rd, Grace lets us into her West Village apartment where her love of photography is displayed on the many picture ledges throughout the apartment (photos by Arthur Elgort, of course). See below for a little sneak peek into this legendary creative’s home and click over to the auction to see the beautiful “show” Grace put together for Paddle 8. (Photos from WSJ Magazine)grace1If you watched The September Issue, than you know that Grace is a huge cat person!grace2Above, no Vogue editor’s house is complete without a Chanel blanket. grace3Her collection of ceramic cats and other pieces on display in her kitchen. Below, a snapshot of some of the pieces available at the auction.
We love seeing how this visionary woman has decorated and personalized her home, don’t you?

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