6 March 2014

Chinese Scenic Wallcovering in the bedroom

One of the prettiest places to put a dramatic wall covering is in the bedroom, and some of the most beautiful are the Chinese and Japanese scenics by Gracie and de Gournay. Gracie was founded in 1898 by Charles R. Gracie and continues to be a family-run business today–in fact, we met his granddaughter just last week at the Gracie show room! Gracie papers are based on the exquisite hand painted wallpapers from China and Japan. de Gournay came later in the 1980’s making similar Chinese and Japanese inspired wall coverings but with their own twist. At first glance it can be hard to tell a Gracie paper from a de Gournay, but there are a few stylistic differences that can help tell them apart. You’ll find that de Gournay prints mostly on silk, while Gracie hand paints mostly on paper. You’ll also notice that Gracie papers are often more intricate that de Gournay with more details; de Gournay is a little more sparse looking, typically with less branches and flowers. What we love about both Gracie and de Gournay is how their wall coverings have the ability to completely transform a room. While the panels are not cheap, they make an enormous impact. g5Below, a de Gournay wall covering in a traditional bedroom. g1Below left, the designer paired a vibrant green de Gournay wall covering with a modern Sputnik pendant light. It’s this combination of modern elements with the more traditional wall covering that really excites us.g7This bedroom below looks like a Gracie paper. g2Below, two different Miles Redd bedrooms with de Gournay on the walls. He smartly used iron canopy beds without any dressings so as not to cover up the fabulous wall coverings. g6We love the way graphic, modern art looks layered over a busy wallpaper like in the room  below. g4This image is from our book of a Miles Redd room. He created a fabulous juxtaposition using de Gournay wallpaper paired with an Ellsworth Kelly print. mrWhat really got us thinking about this type of wall covering is a modern loft project we’re working on. It’s a very rough, industrial space without much architectural interest. We’re considering using one of these papers on one wall in the master bedroom, like in this photo, below. deg1We love how unexpected a paper like this looks in a more modern setting. The de Gournay below is a lovely foil to all of the mid-century furniture in this dining room. deg2Here’s how we are envisioning using one of these Chinese scenic papers: in conjunction with a modern headboard, a low side table and creamy white, subtle neutrals. g8
What do you think about this combination? Lovely, no?

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do you have a credit for the last photo? I love those nightstands!
Gracie looks way outdated, de Gournay looks beautiful!!
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