18 May 2015

Israel Lund

Tucked Under

Happy Monday! Today we wanted to share the work of Brooklyn-based painter, Israel Lund. Lund’s star has risen quickly over the past two years, catching the attention of major collectors with his boldly striped canvases featuring abstract shadows of paint in both black and white and color. He has quite an interesting process, using a combination of digital and analogue techniques, appropriating from artists like Daniel Buren (the stripes) and Martin Kippenberger (the doodles). I love the vibrancy and color palette that Lund uses in his work. His art feels very livable, something I’m always thinking about, as well as enduring; I don’t think it will feel dated twenty years from now. When I look at his work, I see the stripes as bars of some sort, as if we the viewer are caged in and looking out into a beautiful, colorful world outside. Anyone else see the same?
Lund’s work hung for a show…
This piece below is wonderfully large scale…
A pair are lovely hung side by side as a diptych…
Israel Lund is represented by David Lewis in NYC and Roberts & Tilton in LA.

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