23 April 2021

An atmospheric mural

Every house requires something different to make it sing. But there is always one special element that creatively jump starts a project--whether it be an idea, a textile, or a piece of furniture. From here, we start to build.

In a historic American home in Locust Valley, it was important to make the dining room a truly unique space for family to gather. To that end, we worked with our decorative painter to develop an evocative wall mural, including moments that spoke directly to the house’s surroundings. With this concept in place, we set to work developing a paint and wallpaper story for the adjacent rooms that complimented the dramatic mural.

Another view of this room, where a Swedish dining table and chairs with informal gingham covered seats add texture and patina.
Murals have a wonderful way of instantly brining a room to life.
Simple window hangings with an old fashioned trim ground the room.
A Dutch cabinet sourced in England was the perfect shade of shell pink.
We chose to leave the space above the mantle unadorned and instead found a pair of antique mirrored sconces to add a subtle glitter to candlelit dinners.

To see more images of this home, please click here.

— Lauren & Suzanne
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