12 October 2018

Design Trends

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The team at  VOGUE.com reached out to us last week to provide our interior design predictions for 2018. We had so many ideas, we had to edit them down! We love watching new trends emerge, and, honestly, great trends re-emerge. By far the most interesting new trend pertains to dining room spaces. We’ve found that in new homes and apartments, traditional dining rooms aren’t being used like they once were, especially where open-concept living/kitchen areas are the norm. To maximize usable space, many dining rooms are more multi-purpose rooms. Many dining rooms are incorporating bookshelves, like these, in a large pre-war apartment. They were designed for a young couple who love to collect and read books. And, of course, the room is always ready for entertaining big and small dinner parties. In terms of materials trends, so many cotton velvets are now available, with greater durability and in more colors than ever before. Remember the coveted yellow velvet sofa of J Crew Jenna Lyons’ that took on a life of its own? Ever since it seems colorful velvet has become a stronger trend with every passing year.While upholstered furniture pieces are most often in solid, neutral colors, the chicest rooms in 2018 will have an interplay of textiles interspersed throughout in the form of custom pillows in many shapes and sizes. The bright red pillows on this sofa demonstrate this powerful playfulness.Gone are the all white subway tile kitchen backsplashes. Today’s kitchens are designed with colorful, hand made ceramic tiles in a variety of sizes, including squares. Tiles are thicker, and more rustic looking overall. Kitchens should have more personality!House plants are popular again, but not like before. With busy lives, the simple task of watering succulents (which are the most enduring), or leafy plants can be very satisfying, and adds an element of comfort (and color!) to any room.What trends do you think will have a strong showing in 2018?

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