16 April 2015

Rattan Dining Chairs

We loved getting to see decorator and textile designer Allegra Hicks’ apartment in Naples, Italy in the most recent issue of Architectural Digest. The way that she combines different textiles is truly unique. But what really grabbed our attention were the rattan chairs at her kitchen table. We were taken by these rattan/wicker Panton chairs that we went so far as to e-mail Allegra’s office to find out the source! Sadly they were found at a flea market in Italy…where all great things are found! But, really, how chic are these chairs…
4.16.15_rattan_dining_chairs The patio outside…
tbd_blog_panton_chair2These Panton chairs must be floating around somewhere because we found another image of them, below, as well as link to source in Hong Kong here (hard to tell if it is legitimate or not!).
4.16.15_rattan_dining_chairs2While we haven’t been able to find a source for these Panton chairs yet, it did remind us of how much we love the look of wicker or rattan chairs at a dining or kitchen room table. It’s always a lovely way to introduce a natural element into the room. Here are a few very get-able examples of some of our go-to rattan chairs:
1. Restoration Hardware, Provence Side Chair.
4.16.15_rattan_dining_chairs32. McGuire Furniture, Alameda Dining Arm Chair.
4.16.15_rattan_dining_chairs43. Palecek, Parlor Square Arm Chair.
4.16.16_rattan_dining_chairs5We love how these chairs bring a casual, organic feeling to dining rooms no matter what the location!

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There are a bunch of vendors on AliBaba making rattan Panton chairs. Most have an MOQ of 20 or 50, but I did see one requiring only 1 pc. Worth a try!
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Oh my! These days with so many chairs available in what I thought was every conceviable style/material/design it has become hard for me to get excited about something new. But Wow!!!! Those chairs are amazing! Please share if you find a source!
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