7 October 2014

Mismatched Bedside Tables

In the same way that the most memorable faces are asymmetrical, so are the most interesting rooms.  The side tables on either side of the bed are the perfect opportunity to test your creativity and to avoid being too matchy-matchy. To illustrate our point, here are some gorgeous examples of bedside tables that are decidedly different from each other but still live harmoniously together. One footnote: if you do choose mismatched side tables, we recommend pairing them with lighting that is the same; whether it be swing arm lamps attached to the wall or lamps. Then asymmetry can do its thing in the best possible way.feat
sidetables2Do you have mismatched bedside tables in your bedroom?

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1 Comment
i do! i do! And now you've made me stop feeling bad about it :) My only problem is they are of wildly different heights, is that a big deal?
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