25 August 2014

Bedside Essentials for Guests

In anticipation of Labor Day Weekend and all of you who will be hosting friends and family for one last summer hurrah, we’re sharing some of our favorite bedside essentials to help your guests feel right at home. For us, the most successful bedside tables are uncluttered and simple, with a few essentials to get you through the night. Below, the master bedroom we designed for our client, Abby Larson. 58732323cd2aec56c89e0616c172a9e5
14BEDSIDE1-articleLargeA stack of books you think your guests might like is always a nice touch. 2_amieFresh flowers is something we always include on our guests’ bedside table. There’s nothing that says “Welcome!” more than a bundle of flowers next to the bed. 3-6562DecoFilesBOXSPRING-645x859Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting! Every bedside table needs one–and we’re loving the look of a task light next to the bed right now (click here to see our recent round up of the best task lights).400_2_13gHere are a few of our fool-proof bedside essentials that always make our guests feel comfortable: bedsideaccessories

trinket dish/tissue cover/alarm clock/scented candle/match striker/carafe and tumbler/fresh flowers.

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