1 August 2017

Our New Favorite Color

Tucked Under
Looking for a way to amp up your home? Just add red!

As designers, we find ourselves naturally gravitating towards certain colors while avoiding others (perhaps, as a result of our own color associations, but also those of our clients). Recently we’ve been using more red than ever before. In an apartment on Park Avenue it’s showing up on an antique chinoiserie table in the living room, vintage Persian textiles in the library, and in the all American red, white, and blue bedroom we’re designing for the two sons.

A bedroom in August’s AD.

Clever, no?

An old Parish Hadley bedroom, here and below, that makes primary pops of color feel both energizing and restful.

Black and white and pale blue is such a wonderful color combination.

We love the subtlety of the reds in the floral  upholstery in this collected interior.

On a townhouse we are working on in Brooklyn Heights, our client loves red and blue; it became a launching pad for the color story of the English Country style interiors they so admire.

A dash of red is a wonderful way to add a vibrant punch to a room, don’t you think?

— Lauren & Suzanne
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Beautiful patterns and fabrics! I love that you didn't put a strong emphasis on the red everywhere but left it like a color pop concept.
The only time I do like red is when it's used in furnishings and then I love it. One of my favorite pieces of furniture is a chest-high narrow faded red Habersham cabinet my husband bought me years ago. I use it for storing all my stationery.
Having a major red moment right now too - suddenly it feels so fresh! Makes me think of the Raoul print you used as romans in the bedroom for the project that was on AD...have always loved that print and LOVED the way you used it in that room! Can't wait to see this new project come to life - what a great scheme!
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