McGrath II were the vision behind two projects: my office decor as well as my recent home renovation. They have impeccable taste-at every budget-and are creative in their sourcing and sensibility. I'd recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone looking for a modern/cool but timeless sensibility. Lastly, despite being true creatives in their approach, they are extremely professional, detail-oriented, and efficent-three qualities I think are essential in their field!"
- Eva Chen
Suzanne and Lauren are masters at understanding how to balance traditional and modern so that the end result looks fresh but still personal. They were respectful of my vision and elevated the ideas beyond what I could have accomplished on my own. They worked with some of my existing furniture and then really enhanced the rooms with suggestions of their own. Elegant and comfortable, tasteful and personal, timeless and interesting. When friends come to visit they all say how the apartment is exactly like me - and that is a huge compliment to Suzanne and Lauren because they knew how to achieve that better than I did!"
- Fiona McBride
Suzanne and Lauren McGrath are the very definition of loveliness. From the pieces that they chose - that I know I will carry with me for life - to the thoughtfulness and care they put into each and every moment of our home, these two girls are the real deal."
- Abby Larson
The McGraths were an absolute joy to work with, from the beginning to the end of our project. We chose them to undertake the interior design of our home after having seen their work on Houzz and in their book. We knew already that their aesthetic of comfortable elegance fit with our vision, but I was truly impressed at how they aligned their vision for our house with our own. They were extremely respectful of our needs and hesitations while pushing us towards fresh, exciting, but always graceful pieces and fabrics, and they followed through with us even after the installation of the major new furnishings to ensure that the finishing touches--from lamp shades to mantle-piece nicknacks to the placement of art--were just as they should be. Our home feels entirely ours--but it is MUCH more beautiful than we would have been able to make it ourselves."
- Morgan Babst
My husband and I hired McGrath II early in the process of gut renovating our 3-bed 3-bath NYC apartment. Suzanne, Lauren, and their excellent team were essential to designing everything from the location of walls and built-in millwork to the smallest details of the lampshades and bedding. Planned around the lovely custom upholstered pieces they suggested, the resulting apartment is the perfect expression of our taste, elevated by the McGraths professional eye. We had a lot of opinions, but not enough words to articulate them, and the McGraths did a wonderful and diplomatic job of interpreting our wishes while steering us towards a stunning, integrated look for the finished whole. We would highly recommend McGrath II for their creativity and discerning taste as well their willingness to be involved in every detail of the process. The McGraths are true professionals, and wonderful people to boot.
- Laura Brodie